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Trust Administration


More and more people are electing to create trusts during their lifetimes as a way to pass along assets with increased privacy and less outside administration. 


Are you looking to avoid probate and keep access to assets during your lifetime? A Revocable (or "Living" or sometimes even "Loving") Trust may be something to consider. 

Perhaps there is a need to transfer assets while you are alive, or maybe a future beneficiary needs to have protection against creditors or their own poor decisions. In those cases, an Irrevocable Trust may be considered. 

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Elderly Couple Contract

f you are the creator of a Trust, serve as Trustee or a beneficiary of a Trust, you may be aware of the many steps needed to administer both Revocable Trusts and Irrevocable Trusts. Besides years of experience drafting and advising clients about Trusts, we have experience as a Trustee, having served as a professional fiduciary with a multinational financial company.

Allow us to work with your financial advisor to ensure that trust assets are invested in a manner consistent with the trust's intentions. If the trust requires distribution of income or discretionary principal, there may be a need to make certain that proper steps are being followed. 


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