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After a person dies, there is almost always a requirement to file some sort of documentation with the Probate Court in the jurisdiction where the decedent lived. This might range from a short affidavit to full-blown formal probate procedures involving the filing of multiple documents.  In any event, we are experienced in representing the Personal Representative of the Estate (formerly the Executor) in navigating this sometimes confusing process.

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If you are the beneficiary of an Estate, you may need to retain an attorney to protect your interests. This may range from reviewing court filings and documents to negotiating with third parties on your behalf. While few probate matters end up in litigation, we have experience in representing beneficiaries who feel they are not being treated fairly. 

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Other Probate proceedings in which we have represented clients include Guardianship and Conservatorship proceedings, necessary when individuals may no longer be able to care for their finances or day-to-day personal matters. Assisted Living facilities often require the appointment of a conservator to ensure that bills are paid on time.


We also have experience serving as Guardian ad Litem in a number of differing matters, including representing a minor, or a deployed service member.

Old and Young
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