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Bank Advisory Services

Many community financial institutions, whether banks or credit unions, do not have in-house counsel to assist them in the day-to-day legal needs they find constantly arising. Our firm is here to be your "general counsel" and work with you and your team on issues including drafting and reviewing vendor contracts, reviewing and streamlining deposit operations, assisting with legal process (subpoenas, executions, etc.), and regulatory compliance, as well as general corporate governance, creating and revising policies and more.

Community Banks routinely call us to make presentations to employees on how to open and administer bank accounts for trusts, estates, conservatorships and guardianships. We prepare front line personnel to deal with customers bringing in powers of attorney and those wishing to open "payable on death" accounts.



To provide additional services and skills, we have affiliated with the Financial Services Law Group, LLC of Farmington, Connecticut.  This gives us a unique position among law firms representing financial institutions, and allows us to present innovative fee arrangements, including flat fee and monthly subscription rates. 






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