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Passwords and the Estate Plan, Part Three

People being reminded that today is your birthday on Facebook long after you are gone can be a bit eerie. Believe it or not, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, allows you to set up a “legacy contact” who will have limited access to the account to finish management of the account and post a memorial to the user. The named legacy contact can write a pinned post to the profile and share a final message. The contact can decide who can see and post tributes and delete tributes. Additionally, the legacy contact can change who sees tagged posts, remove tags, respond to new friend requests, update the profile picture, and cover photo, and request the removal of the account. If you turn on certain features they can turn off the review posts and tags before they appear in the tribute section and download a copy of what was shared.

There may be a few ways to get to the Memorialization settings listed below and appoint a Facebook legacy contact, but one way to go would be:

1. Click the drop-down arrow in the top right of Facebook and click Settings.

2. Select Settings & privacy, then click Settings.

3. Click Memorialization settings.

4. Type in a friend’s name in Choose a friend and click Add.

5. To let your friend know they’re the legacy contact, click Send.

6. The legacy contact can be changed by following steps 1-2, then click Remove and add a new contact.

Thanks to for their insight on this matter.

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